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Civilian CVLN

Performance drives us, people inspire us

Starting as a direct marketing shop in 1988, we made a name for ourselves as experts in motivating people to act. As the world has changed, so has our approach and philosophy on how to inspire behavior.

Championing human-to-human advertising, we strive to make a qualitative difference in regular people’s lives through our actions and our work – facilitating deeper connections between people and the brands we’re lucky enough to call our clients.

We create a common bond with each and every one of our clients through collaboration, conversation and trust. You don’t just get our minds; you get our whole hearts, too. And it’s a partnership that’s built on an alignment of values.

Our Values

Lead with heart

In fearless pursuit of our passions, we seek to develop genuine, meaningful connections with others every step of the way.

Never stop growing

We strive for continuous improvement by viewing failure, change and uncertainty as opportunities rather than obstacles.

Demonstrate good character

Being honest, practicing empathy and showing humility are keys to enriching the lives of those around us.

We love working with people who share in this vision, our values. And if this strikes a chord with you, we’d love to talk.