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Inspiring people to action for over 28 years

Rad things happened in 1988. Rain Man hit theaters, The Wonder Years took over the tube, INXS needed us tonight and a small but mighty direct response shop named TargetCom opened its doors in River North. After 27 years of success, TargetCom evolved into a newly refreshed brand—and CIVILIAN was born.

Today, CIVILIAN is a multi-dimensional, full-service marketing agency that specializes in what we call “transformative brands.” It takes a certain expertise to develop the kind of genuine, emotionally charged content that drives people to make high consideration, life-altering purchases. By creating work that is inhabited with real people, real feeling, real energy and a real desire to help people and brands connect, we know how to tell your product or service story better than anyone else.

When you work with us, our A-team is always highly involved and heavily focused on your business. Because frankly, unlike some other agencies, there is no B-team at CIVILIAN. Our best talent is here to bring out the best of your brand, every single day.

Leadership Team

Matt, 1988

Matt Morano, Managing Director

Tim, 1988

Tim Claffey, Executive Creative Director

Lori, 1988

Lori Graham, CFO

Meet Matt Morano, Tim Claffey, and Lori Graham, otherwise known as the leadership team at CIVILIAN.

CIVILIAN is located in Chicago, Illinois and is part of the MDC Partners network.

CVLN Fun Fact

Vanessa’s first language is Greek.