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ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers Timeline

Where We Started

In 2008, the first ClearChoice Dental Implant Center opened
for business


With their all-in-one treatment model, teams of docs and lab techs use state-of-the-art dental equipment to restore patients’ smiles with implants that look, feel and function like natural teeth

In many cases, the streamlined ClearChoice approach meant patients could achieve their dreams of a new, healthy smile in just one day

Even with 30 centers nationwide, ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers were struggling to establish themselves as the clear leader
in this immature yet rapidly growing category

Connection Made

ClearChoice was in need of a strategic partner to revitalize their brand and chose CIVILIAN as their Agency of Record

Initial research revealed no other dental implant provider offered patients the level of expertise, patient care and 100% transparency as the highly skilled specialists at the
ClearChoice centers

Key executional element: To capture the awesome transformational power of this procedure, the creative had to tap into the raw emotion of the patients who experienced it

The CIVILIAN team set out across country to create compelling narrative using the words, insights and emotions of ClearChoice doctors and patients

After conducting hundreds of interviews and collecting hours of footage, it was clear that the benefits of new teeth went far beyond the beauty of a new smile

The ClearChoice brand platform emerged: Let Your Soul Shine

ClearChoice + CVLN Today

Behind this unifying idea, CVLN has developed a total of 15 local and 8 national Branded Response TV spots

Designed and implemented cross-channel patient content strategy that improved close rate by 10%

Developed ClearChoice’s first customer retention program and segmentation strategy that increased consultation volume and down funnel lead metrics


Conversion on the ClearChoice website shot up 300%


Experienced unprecedented high-quality lead growth while lowering the cost per lead by 17%

Since partnering with CVLN, ClearChoice revenue has increased by 50% and they are clearly establishing themselves as the category leader

[we’d say, that’s definitely something to smile about]