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Launching a brand to make more people smile (literally)

Dental implants are a high-considered purchase. Not just in monetary cost, but also in the emotional and physical commitment it takes to move forward with the procedure. G4 by Golpa Precision Implant Dentistry revolutionized the process by making it possible to completely and permanently restore full smiles in just 24 hours.

CVLN partnered with G4 to launch their first-ever national brand campaign, featuring patient-turned-spokesperson Jarrett, to help spread the word about their innovative treatment. By communicating the emotional and functional benefits of their dental implant solution, G4 was able to connect with their audience, inspiring those who have long struggled with dental issues to take back their life.

The Common Bond

The Freedom to be Your Whole Self:

Everyone deserves the ability to restore their smile because it has the power to truly restore their life.

The result: After launching in Fall 2018, the results have exceeded all call/lead/acquisition benchmarks. (And it sure does feel good to help G4 bring more smiles to the world.)

Case Stories